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Received: June 29, 2008

Hello, Sorors:
I'm sending this to everyone because I'm not sure of everyone that's planning to attend Boule, and unfortunately, the last Ivy Leaf we received didn't provide a lot of guidance re: the Celebration.  I attended my chapter's Executive Board meeting last night, and I wanted to share one announcement with you as well as provide the information the Centennial Committee Chairman (for my chapter) shared:

Sorors are asked NOT to wear any political paraphanalia, i.e. Obama/McCain buttons, shirts, etc., at the Unity March at the Boule on Thursday, July 17.  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is a non-partisan organization.  This is the only way The Corp Office could secure the permit to march on Capitol Hill which had to be passed by Congress.  We must exercise our non-partisan stance as a sorority.  There will be Capitol Hill Marshals marching along side to maintain order. 

So, please Sorors, just for this day, leave all of your political stuff at home.  The march is more to unify all the greek-letter organizations for that day not for a political purpose. 

For the Ivies Beyond the Wall and Honorary Soror rituals on Tuesday, July 15, the attire will be all white (no pants) dresses or suits, shoes (absolutely no open-toe shoes) and pantyhose.  No sleeveless dresses will be allowed unless covered by a wrap, sweater, etc.  The philacters are instructed not to allow sorors into the room if they are wearing sleeveless dresses nor open-toe shoes.

Wednesday, July 16 is Regional Day.  Each regional wear whatever your Regional Director has suggested.  The attire for day is 'Your most classy outfit'.  For instance, the Mid-Atlantic Region is wearing hats, pearls, and gloves on that day as deemed by their Director.

Special Note:
* All South Eastern Sorors are asked to wear salmon/pale pink and black/pink SE Scarves.  Scarves are $25.00+ tax/shipping and can be purchased at   "4 YOU" Custom Gifts and Awards located on the upper level of Northpark Mall.  Their e-mail address is  - 601-899-8771. (Jackson, MS).  Sorors are also asked to wear your black SE sunglasses so that everyone will know our "cool" sophisticated SE Sorors. The sunglasses are $5.00.

Boulé Colors

Salmon Pink, Apple Green (duh!) and Black!

F Y I !!!

Leave the Barack Shirts at home (if you have any of those cute shirts).  There's a Greek Unity Day March scheduled for July 17th on the National Mall and we aren't allowed to wear any para that's political in nature.  That means t-shirts, buttons, or signs endorsing a candidate for political office.  If caught, you will be asked to leave the National Grounds.  AKA is a non-partisan organization and will be in a major violation of our 501c(3) status and the resolution that was pass for us to have the march on Federal Property. 

Secondly, the Ivy Beyond the Wall Ceremony attire is as follow: White Suits/Dresses, White/Netural Stockings, White Shoes (there is some debate about open toe shoes.  I would    suggest you wear closed toe shoes).  NO PANTS!!!  I don't no why we have to remind Sorors about this part, but anyhoo.  Dresses should have sleeves.  No Tank/Sleveless dresses will be permitted in the Ivy Beyond the Wall Ceremony

Third, Rededication Ceremony Attire: Business Suits, NO PANTS.  No specific color required for this ceremony

You need to be at the Convention Center at least 1- 1½ hours early if you wish to be in the main hall for Plenaries.  Seats are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE and you CAN NOT hold seats.  They will be real strict on that this year.  This goes for the Gala on Thursday as well.

The reception following the NOT so Public Meeting will be held at various hotels.  They are encouraging Sorors to hotel hop.  Each hotel will have a different theme and food.

This page last updated on:                 July 7, 2008
South Eastern Info
Information of Interest for the AKA Ladies of the Sophisticated Region . . .
South Eastern Info
Legacy Vans Shuttle Service

WHAT: Express Van Service

WHERE:      Reagan National and BWI Airports
                   /Hyatt Regency Washington and Return

WHEN: Friday July 11 - Sunday July 20, 2008

COST:   Reagan National - $30.00 round trip
    BWI - $60.00 round trip
                   (no cost for age 10 and under)

Soror Kimberly Cannon, owner.  For additional information and to reserve your seat go to the company website -
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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Celebrates 100 Years!!
July 11 - 19, 2008 ~ Washington, D.C.

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Centennial Boulé
Wardrobe Planning Guide

Soror Ayisha Dabre offers a helpful wardrobe planning guide and the services of her business, Personal Vision Image Consulting, LLC, to help you look your best at Boulé.  Available in Word Version or PDF Version.
Entreprener Sorors Offer Services for Boulé Attendees

Received: June 26, 2008
Tickets Wanted

A soror would like to purchase a ticket to Sunday's Centennial Anniversary Luncheon and Thursday's Centennial Formal Celebration.  Please email the webmistress for contact information.
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